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10 Benefits of buying under-construction properties in Pune

Under-construction property benefits, Pune is a booming metropolitan city but unlike other cities of Maharashtra, It is known to have very comfortable and soothing weather. When you have lived in Maharashtra for a long time, you know how unpredictable and challenging the weather can be. However, when it comes to Pune properties you don’t have to worry about connectivity as it is well-connected with many transport modes via road, air, and railways.

Pune’s remarkable connectivity will make traveling a breeze for you, and it will also add less burden to your pocket while you reach your destination on time. The major cities such as Mahalunge, Lohegaon, Kirkatadi, Shivane, Dhayari, and Shiwelewadi, Hinjewadi, is the home of renowned corporate names such as Rajiv Gandhi Infotech park, Infosys, Wipro, IBM India, Hexaware technologies, Tata consultancy services, Cognizant Technologies, Mindtree, and Honeywell.

Moreover, Hadapsar is one of those locations that have two distinctive economic zones- Magarpatta city and Furunghi IT Park. It is located about 11 kilometers from the city center and is home to several industries and corporations, including IBM, Mphasis, Aviva, and Honeywell. In this area, a well-planned township with all modern amenities is rapidly developing. Other than this, Pune is not just a city to observe but it is also a city to explore. Wondering how?

Let’s take a look at why you need to invest in under-construction properties in Pune!

1. New-generation infrastructure is becoming a trendsetter

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New-generation infrastructure

Pune is truly a booming city with lots of development plans on the go. You will find some of the most strategic and extraordinary real estate here. In addition, Pune is renowned for its smart traffic management systems, and amenities such as energy-efficient lighting, solar-powered water heaters, and waste management system. The upcoming real-estate projects will make homes not only sustainable but also save a lot of funds in the longer run.

2. Affordability adds a cherry on top

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It is a well-known fact that you will find a huge price difference between ready-to-move properties, and under-construction properties. In case you have been planning to invest in a project for a long time and are still not sure whether you wish to change your home or not, you can earn rental income till the time you make your decision. Even, the majority of developers give their customers who are buying an under-construction home, many options to ease their payment terms so that both parties lock in a done deal.

3. Feasibility of payment makes the process effortless

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Feasibility of payment

We always check our long-term plans and savings before investing in any real estate project and ensure in advance whether our finances are enough for it or not. Moreover, we always try to avoid long-term debts. This is why many developers allow their under-construction home buyers to choose from varied customized payment methods and limited-period offers. In this way, investing in under-construction properties in Pune is an excellent opportunity for people who don’t have enough savings to buy a ready-to-move house at this point in time.

4. Grab great deals and offers

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Deals and offers

Believe it or not, an under-construction project in Pune comes with tons of discounts and offers. Companies often advertise schemes that include foreign trips, a heavy discount on prices, a discount on the price per square foot, gifts such as gold coins, or free parking. This is how you can secure your dream deal in advance with lots of discounts and offers. Moreover, at this point in time, developers are also open to negotiations so you could easily choose a bigger house at a smaller price.

5. Remarkable return on investment ratio

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Return on investment

Under-construction projects in Pune are expected to turn into a valuable investment in the coming years as some of the famous residential areas such as Wakad, Kharadi, Hinjewadi, Wagoli, and Pimpri-Chinchwad are already in demand.

Moreover, some of the renowned neighborhoods in Pune have seen a rise of at least 50.3% in real estate appreciation since 2021. The increase in connectivity and their strategic location are one of the main reasons why they are expected to yield much more returns in the coming years.

If you are buying real estate for your business or even for turning them into hotels, farmhouses, shops, or even restaurants then this could be your golden chance!

6. Infrastructure and location advantage

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Infrastructure and location

The location of any property is very important to examine before you put your resources into any project. The desired location should be selected as per the connectivity it offers. Moreover, go for the locality which is economically viable and offers strong growth fundamentals. Also, understand that real estate prices are set as per its infrastructure, its surroundings, and the connectivity it offers to the homeowners.

Furthermore, you will be happy to hear that Pune is known to be an IT hub. Some of the renowned names on the list are ICC towers, Cybercity Magarpatta, and Rajiv Gandhi Infotech park at Hinjewadi. Additionally, it offers excellent transport connectivity that makes traveling from office to home a breeze.

7. Add some special benefits to your list

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some special benefits

Just in case you haven’t noticed, you will find a huge price difference between ready-to-move properties and under-construction properties and it can vary up to 10-30%. The price difference, however, is being set as per the location, dealer, locality, property type, connectivity, and builder.

In addition, RERA (Real estate regulatory authority) requires developers to fulfill all the requirements of their clients which were promised to them before taking payment in advance. However, if these developers fail to do so or commence unnecessary delays then they are liable to pay their customers’ compensation.

8. Under construction smart city model

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Smart city model

Pune is included in the government’s smart city plan. Smart city development is a model of development that the Indian government adopted to construct and develop residential areas into sustainable zones from a social, economic, and environmental standpoint. As per the smart city plan, the under-construction real estate plans would be built in a way that not only benefits the homeowners but also goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. This plan will also double or triple the returns on investment in Pune properties, you can also generate a good rental income from your real estate properties here.

9. Build as you want

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Build as you want

When we think about our dream home, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? You will start imagining home structure as per choice right? For instance, I would prefer my kitchen to be in the west, I would prefer plenty of windows for better ventilation, I would like a bigger balcony to enjoy tea time comfortably, etc. Perhaps, when you invest in an under-construction home you can customize your house as per your requirements, and even get your hands on some of the best available amenities.

10. Growth will be your irresistible partner

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The growing infrastructure in Pune makes it a suitable match for the major brands in the corporate world. In this area, growth in the companies’ infrastructure correlates with growth in the real estate sector. Furthermore, with the availability of unparalleled amenities, it also becomes an excellent source of investment for aspiring under-construction residential or commercial property buyers.


Buying under-construction homes or investing in Pune projects will become a jackpot for you in the longer run. After analyzing the social, infrastructural, and environmental development of the area you can easily understand why people are keeping a close eye on the project in Pune. Don’t let this opportunity slip away from your hand, and check out a few under-construction properties today!

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