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13 factors influencing the property prices you need to know

Without a doubt, recent real estate statistics in India have shown that property prices are on the upswing. The meteoric rise of this sector is driven by key elements like demographics, location, economic state, and interest rates- all impacting home values across the nation. 

To make savvy property purchase decisions, it is essential to understand the ideal timing for acquisition, value upturns and downturns in the real estate sector, and other indicators. In a city like Pune, which is in the midst of a real estate boom.

It is important to understand various factors that influence Pune property or property prices in any other city in India:

1. Location and amenities

The value of commercial properties typically exceeds that of residential properties. The prices that brokers suggest for properties in well-established and permitted colonies and localities are often higher than the prices they suggest for houses in locations that are less developed and closer together. The value of freehold properties is significantly higher than that of leased properties.

Properties with better infrastructure and contemporary facilities are worth more than those lacking parking spaces, community centers, children’s parks, swimming pools, telephone lines, water sewerage systems, or general stores. The amenities and necessities of a home affect its value.

2. Infrastructure

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Infrastructure such as roads, railways, and airports influence property values. Good transport infrastructure makes it easier to commute to various places and adds more value to properties nearby these areas.

3. Green Spaces

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Open spaces like parks, lawns, and gardens add to the aesthetic of a locality, thus making it attractive for buyers. Such areas also absorb dust particles, thus helping maintain the air quality, which is beneficial for people’s health and well-being. This further increases the property prices in a particular location.

4. Serene and Clean Environment 

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In this hustle-bustle lifestyle, homeowners are looking for serene and clean properties, that offer a sense of calmness and relaxation. Along with good infrastructure, green energy, and high-end security, the quality of the environment is also an important factor, in determining the high value of your life. Thus, you should consider environmental aspects like:

  • Location and neighborhood of the property like the development of new buildings.
  • The crime rate for better safety, peaceful stay, and sleep. 
  • The level of traffic, as consistent traffic can affect the stress level. 
  • Clean spaces for improving the quality of life, adding value to the property. 

5. Supply and Demand Gap

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The main factor which affects property prices is the supply and demand of that particular area. Properties located in areas with a great deal of good quality development and convenience to all facilities attract buyers from other places, thus pushing up the price. On the contrary, if an area isn’t very popular for some reason, the prices of properties there will be lower.

Population growth and increased demand are the primary catalysts for increasing prices in a particular area. When an area is more populated, people clamor to live there, which subsequently drives up the cost of living in that locale.

6. Interest Rates

The interest rate in a particular area affects property prices. Lower interest rates make it easier to purchase and thus push up demand. As a result, people are willing to pay more for properties as they don’t have to worry about high-interest rates.

Home loan interest rates have a direct impact on the monthly EMI amount. If the rate of interest is high, it can decrease the demand for owning a home. As an example, through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana there has been a tremendous increase in potential buyers – but with lower rates and additional subsidies available to aid mortgage repayment, rental demands are diminishing rapidly.

7. Taxes

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Property taxes also influence the value of the property in an area. High taxes can make it difficult for buyers to purchase properties, and thus, the prices go down. More customers and stronger demand will result from lower taxes, which will also raise prices.

8. Government Policies

The government’s policies greatly affect property prices in a particular area. The government can implement various policies to make buying easier, such as reducing interest rates, introducing incentives for buyers, etc. These are likely to influence the value of the overall property market and thus affect the prices.

9. Development

Development-real estate properties - pune -image-jpg

Cities like Pune and Mumbai are prime examples of prosperous commercial growth that has had a substantial impact on the value of the real estate in these areas. Properties for Pune and Mumbai, especially in the prime locations, have registered a steep rise in property prices.

Having malls, tech offices, and Special Economic Zones in the vicinity of residential neighborhoods greatly minimizes wasted commuting time and energy while augmenting value in real estate.

10. Land and disposable income

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Properties positioned near farming or industrial zones are offered at a more advantageous cost than those found near IT centers. The worth of real estate directly corresponds with the disposable income accessible to potential purchasers and how many people inhabit this region in particular. Housing prices depend on the affordability of people looking to buy or rent accommodations in that area.

Disposable income in property refers to the amount of money an individual has remaining after all necessary expenses, such as housing costs, food, and transportation, have been paid. This amount can be used to make additional investments, such as purchasing real estate or paying off outstanding debts. In the context of real estate, disposable income is used to determine a potential buyer’s ability to afford a mortgage payment and is a key factor considered by lenders when determining loan eligibility. In areas with a surplus of land for residential or real estate development, the value of property tends to appreciate more gradually than in locations where properties are limited.

11. Affordability

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Affordability describes the expenses a consumer pays to acquire and preserve ownership of an asset. Affordability correlates with interest rates, prices for real estate, and earnings.

When any of the previously mentioned three factors peak in a region, inhabitants may seek more desirable living conditions elsewhere.

12. Property Structure

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Calculating the worth of a property relies heavily on several factors, such as its materials, layout, design, durability, and estimated lifespan.

The ultimate price of a property is influenced by several components, including the quality and cost of materials used during construction, building size, current labor rates, lot frontage, and physical characteristics like roof covering type, foundation type, waterproofing, and plinth level.

13. Customization

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When builders customize residential spaces according to the purchaser’s wishes, the cost of real estate can skyrocket. To illustrate, a buyer could request landscaped terraces or verandahs with their apartments, high-end kitchen appliances and designs, special internal stairways in duplexes, and higher-grade paint and flooring options – all factors that inevitably raise expenses. Therefore, customizing a property will almost always raise its worth.

Final thoughts

All of these elements are crucial in assessing the real estate’s worth and aid buyers in making wise choices when buying a home. People should consider all aspects before making a purchase or investment to ensure they get the best deal. Buyers may make an informed choice and feel secure in their purchase if they have a thorough understanding of how these elements affect the property’s price.

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