Lai Bhari Turquoise wins Parkcircle Cricket League 2016

The Pride Purple group stands distinguished, amongst the umpteen builders in Pune, for its calibre to create exclusive living spaces for its residents. We are equally known for our passion to go beyond and cultivate a sense of community living. This passion for an integrated community development inspired us to undertake an initiative known as the Parkcircle.

Parkcircle is an initiative born out of the bond that Pride Purple shares with its residents (spelt family). After the success of the inter-society dance competition, Parkcircle wanted to try out something new. With so many exciting cricket matches happening in 2016, the Pride Purple family surely was twitching to get a piece of that action themselves. Keeping this in focus, the Parkcircle Cricket League, an inter-society cricket league, was put into a planning process.

After thorough planning, the Parkcircle Cricket League, a series of fifteen T-20 matches spanning over seven days, was declared in January 2016. Sixteen teams were formed, the jerseys – designed and printed, the pitch – marked and set, cameras – positioned and the supporters – charged with excitement. The week long battle was a big challenge for all the fifteen teams, even gruelling at times. But the supporters cheering their teams to the rhythm of some electrifying drum beats would lift their team’s spirits and energise them to fight back. The first semi-final was won by Spring Drifters against Titanium Tycoons. And the second one was won by Lai Bhari Turquoise against Topaz Panthers. But in the final battle, the Parkcircle Cricket League Cup was clinched by the Lai Bhari Turquoise team, with their ‘Lai Bhari’ attitude, team spirit, and collective effort.

What really made it fun was the spirit of togetherness that all the residents shared. What started with the cricket league matches eventually culminated into new bonds, new friendships, a sense of unity and a sense of community. Parkcircle Cricket League will indeed be a memorable one, not only for the players but also for the entire Pride Purple family. Parkcircle has given a wonderful platform for the Pride Purple family – a platform for fun, play and happiness.

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