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WFH is here to stay: Smarter homes for convenience & adaptability

With the remote work culture likely to sustain, property developers recognize the desirability of a remote office in their upcoming projects. Today, residential complexes offer workplaces and wholly integrated business centers for residents.


More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, demand for homes in the market remains robust. Builders are awakened to the fact that a blend of remote and in-office work is likely to persist in the foreseeable future. To offer the best for its residents, builders offer co-working spaces and business centers within residential complexes. 

These amenities provide the necessary change in many ways. As a novel idea, the Pride Purple Group has mooted a fully integrated co-working Business Center, together with facilities that include more than 15 workstations, a library, meeting room, wireless internet connectivity, washrooms, pantry, etc.


The luxury of having a working office within residential complexes


A customer-centric real-estate developer was essential to develop a concept that created comfortable workspaces within the residential complex. Though a novel idea, “we envisaged early on the future of work-from-home work model. Besides, we also felt that such spaces offer a great change of scene and are perfect for residents who work for long monotonous hours”, says Mr. Harshwardhan Agarwal. Thus, there are a host of advantages in this arrangement, both from the perspective of customers and builders.


It allows residents to work without disturbance from their family members or compromising their home spaces. With safe protocols for social distancing in place, business centers afford a chance to work in independent workplaces near the comfort of home.


For residents, this can prove to be beneficial on many counts. Co-working spaces without distractions or space constraints is a retrofit in many upcoming projects. According to ANAROCK Property Consultants, “offering co-working spaces as an added feature in residential or mixed-use developments is a time notion.”


Such co-working spaces within the residential complex have a lot to offer in terms of experience and amenities. Typically, the facility is available free of cost and without any hidden expenses. While it provides a luxury of a comfy workplace for working professionals, you are well within the vicinity of your home.


Having incorporated the concept of co-working spaces early on, the Pride Business Centers are a unique feature at Park Astra and Park Connect of Codename Park District. Spread over two floors, with added benefits of a well-appointed reception desk, a mini theatre, and a video conferencing room.


With one year of COVID experience behind us, one can safely conclude that co-working spaces are a nice amenity for residents. They offer a pleasant change of scene, safe interaction with like-minded people, and some respite from the routine work-life without compromising the home space – these are among the many significant benefits.

Codename Park District offers a full-fledged dedicated business center for professionals working from home. Working in specially appointed spaces with excellent natural light floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful views provides better meaning to a flexible work atmosphere.



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